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Vendor Relationships
Vendor Relationships

Workbench Software maintains valued relationships with several established companies that provide complimentary products or services to the financial services industry.

Austin & Williams... Hauppauge, New York
(888) 281-9200
Austin & Williams is one of the leading advertising and marketing agencies specializing in financial institutions. They offer the Relationship Acquisition Marketing Strategy built on High Performance Checking. The company is a trusted partner of Haberfeld Associates and a Certified Predictive Analytics Business Partner of MapInfo Software corporation.
Haberfeld Associates... Lincoln, Nebraska
(402) 475-1191
Haberfeld Associates offers the High Performance Checking marketing program to more than sixty clients nationwide.  This is a program that builds core deposits and fee income.  A significant number of Haberfeld clients generate over $125 per account per year in fee income.  Many clients have doubled the number of personal checking accounts in less than three years.  Haberfeld provides extensive training and shopping programs.
RLR Management Consulting, Inc... Chatsworth, California
(818) 718-8982
RLR Management provides project management and conversion support to financial institutions across the United States.
Fiserv, Inc... Brookfield, Wisconsin
(800) 872-7882
Fiserv is the leading provider of technology products and services for the financial world.  They have a portfolio of over 180 products and services that are meeting the needs of 13,000 financial institutions in over 60 countries.
The Stahura-Brenner Group, Inc... Irvine, California
(949) 733-8526
The Stahura-Brenner Group, Inc., has been providing effective industry solutions through consulting services, educational services, and state-of-the-art software services for over 500 clients worldwide.
WebEx Communications, Inc... Rancho Cordova, California
(877) 509-3239
WebEx powers online meetings and web conferencing services for today's enterprise.
Rennhack Marketing Services... Grapevine, Texas
(817) 481-6516
Established in 1976, Rennhack Marketing Services provides high quality incentive merchandise to the financial services industry.  Based on these years of experience, Rennhack Marketing supports clients with gift recommendations based on proven results, quality products with perceived high value, products from leading manufacturers, and on-line branch inventory management support.  Rennhack Marketing works closely with Haberfeld High Performance Checking clients. Clients have access to an on-line gift catalogue.
Saddleback Signs... Lake Forest, California
(949) 597-1966
Saddleback Signs provides all collateral materials for the Haberfeld High Performance Checking program.  A one-stop source for quality signs, banners, and counter cards.  Banners shipped within 72 hours of order placement.  Nationwide support! Colleyville, Texas
(817) 300-3070 provides Domain Registration and Website Hosting services.   

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