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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

In addition to the High Performance Workbench product, Workbench Software provides professional services solutions to companies large or small.   We focus on an "end-to-end" philosophy, starting with the business needs through the technical, financial, operational, and other aspects of any proposed result.  Depending on your specific needs, we can very likely help your organization in any of the following areas of expertise...


Does it seem as if no one can tell their debits from their credits anymore? Are you missing the basic operational expertise to audit or document your own back-office services department? Is your organization interested in centralizing branch operations... or in designing and installing a call center?

Workbench Software's experience includes back-office operations, branch operations, platform/teller automation, space planning, and in-store branching.

Banking Systems and Products

Looking for a new in-house banking system?... or, trying to understand the benefits of purchasing in-house products versus service bureau processing?

From system evaluation through conversion and installation, Workbench Software can provide strategically-based management and advice for your banking system requirements.

Acquisitions and Mergers

Has your organization recently announced the pending acquisition with another entity and you're rushing to complete a merger of the two organizations? Workbench Software has completed literally hundreds of systems conversions for all sizes and types of companies... and managed dozens of mergers of financial institutions throughout the country.

Data Center Management

Caught blindsided without experienced computer systems management?  Are you concerned whether your current IS manager is truly acting in your company's best interests?  Do you need to test your disaster recovery plan but are unsure how to proceed?... or, what to test?

Workbench Software has extensive hands-on experience managing data centers for all types and sizes of organizations, including mainframe "compute utilities", midrange or client/server platforms, service bureaus, bank check processing centers, remittance processing operations, and back-office services.

IT Economics and Planning

Are you unsure about the level and value of your information technology (IT) investments?  Are auditors, examiners, and/or your board of directors asking (demanding) that an IT plan be developed?

Workbench Software has expertise in IT management, economics and planning.  We can assist in developing an IT budget, evaluate the investments required and determine appropriate levels of IT expenses.  In addition, we have experience in management and planning for the IT function.

Network Systems Integration

Have you ever installed an outstanding computer product, only to find out that the vendor won't take responsibility for integrating it to your legacy systems?... or, that your organization doesn't have the network integration experience to do so?

With collectively over 100 years of system implementation experience, Workbench Software has the background to approach virtually any network or system integration assignment without placing one vendor into a conflict of interest with other vendors.

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