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Workbench Software is a software and consulting services company focused exclusively for the financial institution and banking community.  The flagship product of the company is the High Performance Workbench, being developed in partnership with Haberfeld Associates, of Lincoln, Nebraska.

The Workbench Product

High Performance Workbench (the Workbench) is an automated solution that has been developed to help regional and community banks manage overdraft processing, collection, and recovery activities effectively. It is a fully supported desktop software product that draws on a combination of bank technology experience, and the personal checking expertise of Haberfeld Associates.

Although the High Performance Workbench provides capabilities typically available to only the largest regional and national banks, it has been developed to be affordable for community banks.

The Value Proposition

The value proposition on which the High Performance Workbench is based is to assist banks in managing overdraft services to both remain in regulatory compliance and better manage overdraft decision making processes. A second, supporting objective is to improve back-office productivity as the number of new personal checking accounts, overdrafts, and collection volumes grow.

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